Full service printed cotton label and tag branding solutions for the serious professional includes:

    • Responsive and Quick Personalized Service for When You Need an Industry Pro! 
    • Free Professional Design and Branding Assistance on all Cotton Label Orders
    • Free Professional Label Artwork with 100s of Color Options INCLUDED
    • Free Photo of Your Physical Sample of your Printed Cotton Label
    • Free U.S and International Shipping
    • ***And All at a 20%-60% Savings Over Our Competitors!

Getting Quote for your Printed Cotton Label is Super Easy!

1. Send us your Cotton Label or Tag Artwork

Send us your finished cotton label or cotton tag artwork, sketch, or even just your concept and we will quickly respond with professional feedback and a very competitive price.

2. We Design Profession Technical Artwork of your Cotton Label

We put together a professional cotton label and tag blueprint for you. We only go forward with your written approval—NO SURPRISES! You know exactly what to expect

3. We Make your Cotton Label Sample

From your technical layout, we manufacture your cotton tag sample and with your 2nd approval, we go to production. Turnaround doe toy cotton labels  is about 3-4 weeks “in hand”, while we have a 2 week rush service for out clients who are pressed for time.  

personalized label tags

Needing Professional Full Service Printed Cotton Tags?

Contact us to discuss and brainstorm your project today!

Need an affordable labeling option that offers bold graphics and intense durability? Printed cotton labels and Cotton tags may be perfect for you. You can put just about type of design you want on these types of labels, from a simple text logo to a elaborate artwork. These type of printed cotton label is colorfast, durable, and can be used for many types of professional projects. We have helped hundreds of customers get the printed cotton labels they need, and we would love to do the same for you.

Are Printed Cotton Labels Right for You?

If you are going for extreme durability to the elements, such as heavy laundering or exposure to extremely hot enviroments  you may be better off with material like woven damask labels or taffeta economy labels. The problem with taffeta is that it does not offer the same visual appeal and softness that cotton tags do. You may spend a little more money on cotton labels, but you will get that back in premium full service quality. Your cotton printed labels will  last a long time.

The only time cotton really doesn’t work is when you’re dealing with a delicate fabric, like silk or satin. In that case, a printed satin label may be a better option for you. For the most part though, you can use cotton labels just like you would cotton fabrics. Bags, bedding, curtains and clothing all fit the bill just fine.

If you need help figuring out if cotton is right for you, you can always give us a call. We would be happy to go over your project with you and see what your best option will be.

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Unique Applications for Cotton Tags

These labels work well on most surfaces, especially those that are going to be used with light friction areas. They are softer than taffeta, and for the most part, they are just as durable. These type of labels are definitely the best branding statement of choice for the following applications:

  • Bedding
  • Cotton or natural fiber apparel
  • Baby garments and accessories Quilts and knitted items
  • Bohemian/beatnik apparel
  • Natural fiber handbags and back packs
  • Purses/Handbags
  • Towels/washcloths

Cotton looks much more natural than satin or damask, which is why it fits most Bohemian clothing and bags. You don’t have to worry about an ill-fitting sheen and scratchiness on your comfy clothes and blankets. You can get a realistic look from natural fiber labels.

Send us a digital file and we can transform a cotton label into a unique value proposition!

Quick Facts about Cotton Labels

  • The cotton label is classy, durable, and easy to sew
  • Standard cotton colors available white and natural beige.
  • Layout design assistance available
  • No need to fear the washer and dryer – our cotton labels are fully washable
  • Our printed cotton labels have a very luxurious look and feel, but they don’t cost a fortune to buy.

You can feel confident displaying your brand at trade shows and retail outlets just like the big designers.
Compare with Satin Printed Labels
Compare with Woven Fabric Labels

How to Get Started 

Now that you know about all the great things that can come from cotton labels, you probably want to place an order. That is easy to do. Simply contact us with your request or call 682-227-0100. We will go over your project and figure out what it will take to get the job done for you. Soon enough, you will have the cotton labels you have been dreaming of.

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Want to explore options other than cotton? Let us help help you decide which labeling type if the best for your product:


Cotton Labels Not A Good Fit? Try Our Other labeling and Tagging Options!

Frequently Asked Questions About Printed Cotton Tagging

How much do my custom cotton labels cost?

We are proud to be one of the industry’s  top supplier of low cost premium woven labels and clothing tags. 250 premium grade woven labels start out at just $165 with artwork, set up, sample, and international shipping is included FREE.

What is the turnaround for Cotton labels, Patches and Hang Tags?

We have both rush and standard turnaround. Our rush service gets your custom printed cotton labels “in hand” in 15 calendar days while the standard service takes about a 3 weeks to a month.

Do you have rush?

YES. We have a rush service that gets your cotton labels or woven patches “in hand” within 15 days. Please inquire for availability and pricing.

What colors can I use can I use for Woven and Printed Fabric Labels?

MANY COLORS! With our personalized full service, you have almost an limitless amount of design options and colors for your cotton labels. You can select from hundreds of shades here:


What are the best options for my Cotton Label artwork and application?

The answer to this requires an evaluation of both your cotton label artwork and intended fashion, craft, or industrial application.

Are there any setup or shipping fees for my custom labels?

Absolutely not! Your cotton label or tag quote includes all set up, art, sampling, and shipping fees. No hidden surprises!

More Guidelines for Insuring a Perfect Cotton Label:

Whether your cloth labelling and branding needs are just personal –such as simple name identifier for which easy sewing labels are the best, or a genuine custom-designed premium logo branding woven label, many fashion designers, sewn product crafters, and industrial product designers often overlook labeling their products prior to the last crucial moment.

Below we have a handy reference that will assist you with selecting the best fabric label for your brand:

  1. There are two types of cloth tags: Printed and Woven. The most common materials are cotton, satin polyester, and damask polyester.
  2. Entrepreneurs often overlook labeling their sewn products before the last minute. We suggest allowing for 3-4 weeks to receive the best pricing and quality options.
  3. With the advances in printed and woven fabric labeling technology, manufacturers can print images, such as color gradients and colors and shading. Highly intricate details of your apparel label design (such as a photo) are digitally copied and transferred to with a digital imprinting ribbon machine or to a state of the art woven loom.
  4. Although we at Roxwell Waterhouse have a swift order turnaround, printing cotton tags can take a slightly longer time course for completion. Most of the core materials that make up your labels and tags are exported from places like China or India. However we do have a 15 calendar day “in hand” delivery option for clothing labels if there is  a time crunch.
  5. Please check for designs and fonts with irregular boundaries, shadows, or any color gradients. Keep in mind that the cotton label design must conform to the limitations of weaving constraints and that the layout is weaving a piece of fabric..

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Still Confused? The difference between Cotton Labels and Woven Frabirc Labels Explained

FabricTagging and Branding—The Essential Definitions

There are two major types of custom fashion tags: Printed and woven.

Printed labels for clothing are made out of various kinds of materials that are printed, hot-cut, and folded. The most popular textiles used are satin, cotton, and tyvek.


  • Depending on the textile labels provider, a decreased manufacturing time. Frequently, printed fabric tags are domestically produced. If you have worked with suppliers 10,000+ miles away, this becomes a BIG issue.

  • With the advances in garment labels engineering, manufacturers are able to print photo quality images, shading and shadow, extremely small fonts, and color gradients. In other words, the technology in place has the capability of printing DaVinci or Matisse on your clothes tags!

  • Highly intricate details of your logo can be captured.

  • Soft to the skin.

  • Two-day rush manufacturing assistance offered with some wholesalers


  • Image may diminish over time with repeated hot washing and dryer use.

Background colors for small runs usually are required to be either soft or white colors, unless your supplier has colored ribbon printing capabilities—although technology is constantly changing

Woven tags are woven threads with a woven structure (alternating threads locked on an X-Y axis) determined by your specs for the artwork. A digitally powered loom manufactures your graphic as part of the cloth. The labels are then cut and/or folded.


  • Long lasting through repeated use, such as washing and dryer use.

  • Damask woven fabric tags are a thicker material and possess a very upscale appeal

  • Taffeta labels are a thinner material, but are often the best bang for the buck


  • Typically a longer turnaround time to completion. This is due to the fact most woven fabrics have to be shipped in from overseas, and numerous logistical considerations with production and shipping must be considered. If the designer is short on production time, then woven labels are not the suggested option for apparel tags.

  • Graphics restrictions: All designs and lettering needs to have a distinct, smooth 2-D line drawing appearance. There can be no muted color transitions, shadows, or very small ornate lettering. Bear in mind, the loom is weaving a very small section of cloth, and the artwork woven has to comply to weaving loom sequences. Thus if you have an intricate logo, it is best to stay with printed garment labels.

So remember—do not forget your labels! You have many options available to you if you give yourself some lead time, preferably a month. Preparing early saves you stress, time, and a LOT of money.

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