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From your  layout, we produce your sample and with your 2nd approval, we go to production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do my labels cost?

We are proud to be North America’s top supplier of low cost premium labels. 250 premium grade woven labels start out at just $165 with artwork, set up, sample, and U.S. included FREE.

What is the turnaround?

We have both rush and standard turnaround. Our rush service gets your labels “in hand” in 15 calendar days while the standard service takes about a month.

Do you have rush?

YES. We have a rush service that gets your labels “in hand” withing 15 days. Please inquire for availability and pricing.

What colors can I use?

MANY! Select from hundreds of shades here:


What are the best options for my artwork and application?

The answer to this requires an evaluation of both your artwork and intended application. Woven damask works well in most cases, but contact us to find out for sure.

Are there any setup or shipping fees?

Absolutely not! Your quote includes all set up, art, sampling, and shipping fees.

What Our Clients Say About Our World class Service

Cecilia J. Lakin
President, Oakland County Latin Mass Association

Holy Mackerel Pet Designs

Renée Drake

As a clothing designer, an industrial sewn product manufacturer or amateur sewing enthusiast, most likely the last thing on your schedule is the fabric tag that serves as a beacon of your sewing projects.

When your needs are just personal–like an identifier with your name, or a real branding statement, many crafters and designers often overlook labelling their handiwork before the very last minute. Whether your fabric branding needs are only private –such as simple title identifier (e.g. “Made by Grandma”), or a real custom-designed branding message, many producers, crafters, and designers often overlook labelling their products before the last crucial moment. We propose allowing for 4-6 weeks for the best pricing and quality choices.

There are two major kinds of fabric tags: Printed and Woven. The most common materials are polyester and cotton.
Frequently, printed labels are domestically manufactured–that is, made from the North American continent, Europe, or Australia–that allows for a shorter logistics production chain and a quicker completion time.


With the advances in fabric technology, manufacturers can publish photographs-quality pictures, such as color shading and colors and three-dimensional colour gradients. Highly intricate details of your layout (like a photograph) are captured. This allows for great label branding opportunity!

-May fade over time with repeated frictional hot washing/dryer use, Although the technology is progressing constantly
-Background colours usually need to be either pale or white colours –though less comprehensive screen printing is available for darker substance

Woven labels an patches are constructed with a weave according to your design specifications. An electronic air jet loom receives electronic data from a graphics interface and weaves your art as a component of the fabric. The labels are then finished with hot cutting and folded.

-Durability: The polyester fibers do withstand repeated usage very nicely, including washing/dryer and higher friction use.

-Usually, manufacturing woven tags require a longer time course for completion. Most woven fabrics are exported from places like India or China. If a clothes designer is in a time crunch, in other words, short on time, then this isn’t the urge choice for clothing labels.
Woven artwork limits:

-All art, including emblem drawings and lettering, must be prepared in a clear, smooth 2-D linear presentation. There cannot be any extreme colour gradients, shadows, or extremely smaller fonts with irregular borders. Bear in mind that the design is weaving a tiny piece of cloth, and that the tag design must conform to weaving loom principles and limitations with technologies. In case you have an intricate design, it’s wise to manufacture printed clothing labels.