Custom Fabric Labels and Woven Tags for Professional high-end fashion, industrial, and craft branding includes:

    • Free Professional Design Assistance on all Woven and Fabric Label Orders
    • Free Technical Label Artwork
    • Responsive Service
    • Free Physical Sample of your Fabric Label
    • Free U.S Shipping
    • ***And All at a 20%-60% Savings Over Our Competitors!
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Suit your fancy--What type of quality weave are you looking for with your custom woven fabric labels?

With our low minimums and industry low prices, we can make your concept explode into a professional branding label. Most of out clients opt for the premium grade of label, as it is has outstanding definition, strength and low cost. You can compare our 3 grades here:


Our most popular label is the high definition, high density woven label fabric tag. Recommended for premium clothing and product lines and for exposure to heat an friction. 250 premium fabric labels start at just $165 and 500 for $185.


The midgrade damask custom fabric tag is a spectacular value at quantities of a 1000 or more. This type of fabric label is an ideal economy choice for clothing, accessories, sporting goods or children’s toys for durability and brand professionalism  


The taffeta woven fabric label is a classic and is ideal for vintage designs or for repurposed vintage clothing. It is also a fantastic option for those seeking economy labels in quantities of a 1000 or more. Durable, rugged, and attractively priced.

What are the differences between the various grades?

A “damask” woven label (premium and midgrade) is thicker and has more “density” with than taffeta (economy).

Furthermore, damask custom woven labels for clothing provide more definition to the edges of your art design-that are smoother, and have high definition design quality.

These type of fabric labels are woven from scratch on large looms that read your digitally encoded design graphic files. Your artwork is actually transformed from a digital file to a 100% woven product.

Most of these custom woven labels are made of polyester fibers. Though there are several types of labeling products available, we automatically upgrade each order to high definition woven damask with an introductory order of 500 pieces.


Getting a Quote for your Custom Woven Fabric Label Project is Super Easy!

1. Send us your Clothing Label Artwork

Rest assured with the top pros in the labelling industry! Send us your finished label or clothing tag artwork, sketch, or even just your concept and we will quickly respond with professional feedback and a very competitive price.

Please let us know the following:

  • Number of labels needed
  • Do you need woven, cotton, or satin?
  • Will this be used with a fashion line, accessories, or other types of sewn products?
  • Approximate label or tag size needed (ask us if unsure)
  • Whether you need straight cut, midfold, laser cut, or mitre-fold

2. We Design a Technical Blueprint Artwork of your Custom Woven Fabric Label

We put together a professional woven label and fabric tag blueprint for you. We only go forward with your written approval—NO SURPRISES!

3. We Make your Fabric Label Sample

From your technical layout, we manufacture your fabric labels sample and with your 2nd approval, we go to production. Using this multi-step woven label approval process, you know exactly what you will be getting upon delivery. The whole process take about 3-4 weeks to get your custom labels “in hand.” We also have a 15 calendar day “in-hand” rush service!

personalized label tags

What Our Clients Say About Our World Class Service

Cecilia J. Lakin
President, Oakland County Latin Mass Association

Holy Mackerel Pet Designs

Renée Drake

Not sure of what custom fabric label you will be needing?

We totally understand…custom clothing labels and other types of woven fabric label branding are usually on the last things on a designer’s mind: Let us help:


Frequently Asked Questions for Woven Fabric Label Orders

How much do my custom fabric labels cost?

We are proud to be North America’s top FULL SERVICE supplier of low cost premium custom woven fabric labels and tags. 250 premium grade woven labels start out at just $165 with artwork, set up, sample, and U.S. included FREE.

What is the turnaround for fabric labels and hang tags?

We have both rush and standard turnaround. Our rush service gets your fabric labels “in hand” in 15 calendar days while the standard service takes about a month.

Do you have rush?

YES. We have a rush service that gets your clothing labels or woven patches “in hand” withing 15 days. Please inquire for availability and pricing.

What colors can I use can I use for woven  labels?

MANY! Select from hundreds of shades here:


What are the best options for my custom woven label artwork and application?

The answer to this requires an evaluation of both your label artwork and intended fashion, craft, or industrial application. Woven damask works well in most cases for 90% of custom fabric labels, but contact us to find out for sure. We are full service and have a fast response.

Are there any setup or shipping fees for my custom fabric labels?

Absolutely not! Your custom woven label quote includes all set up, art, sampling, and shipping fees.

Some basic information we need regarding your custom woven fabric label order:

Let’s outline the steps involved with creating your first custom woven label

  • Artwork
  • Fabric label construction and type
  • Label folding (if any)

A big step you will need to consider is how you will organize your woven fabric label information. The major pieces of information to consider for each line of clothing/ or textile product is the following:

  • Logo/brand name
  • Garment or apparel size is use for a clothing line (skip this if your label is for other products)
  • Care information
  • Production place of origin.
  • Label Content

If you have label custom designed for each piece of information as outlined above, you will be overwhelmed with proofs and with costs. Remember that most garment label sources require minimums, and the minimums can add up costs and complexity very quickly. Why not organize your information and save a lot of headache and money? Luckily, There are several strategies you can employ to save bucket loads of money on your printed clothing or woven labels.

  • The easiest is to combine the production place of origin information with the fabric care label information. This strategy alone can save hundreds of dollars in production costs. Ask us how this is done!
  • The tricky part is the sizing, because you may have a need for many different fabric labels due to the number of sizes your apparel line has. If you have just a few sizes, like S, M and L, if may be more cost effective to have the sizing information placed on the logo/brand label or on the fabric care label. If you have a lot of sizes, then best solution is to purchase some ready made stock size tabs. These will not be custom made—but again, you will drastically reduce costs.
  • The same may be said for woven content labels, if your apparel or product line is made up of common materials with no unusual fabric instruction or care requirements. Understand your choice of label dimensions, colors, or fabric types may be limited, but this is an effective method for drastically reducing costs. A
  • Straight cut vs. mid-fold:  A mid-fold may be an ideal solution for combining large amounts of information (the 4 major categories described above) onto one clothing woven label or fabric tag, but again, it very much depends on your preferences and requirements.

Finishing Options For your Custom Woven Label

The edges are commonly finished with the “hot cut” method. The fabric labels are woven on large sheets and then cut with a hot wire. This method seals the edges, allowing for fray proof sewing.

Another finishing option is the ultrasonic cut, where the edges are cut with high frequency sound waves. Rather than being melted with a hot knife, the edges are feathered. This type of cutting allows for a super soft edge.

There is also an expensive “woven edge” option—this is recommended for extremely small labels of smaller than 0.5″ in height. This type of option is relatively uncommon because of the price and the higher minimum quantity requirements. Roxwell Waterhouse is here to help you every step of the way to ensure that the ordering process is easy hassle-free and manageable.

Woven Fabric Label Artwork and Design Requirements

For your fabric label design, the best practice is simplicity That is, two dimensional with very clear cut solid lines. Details such as shadowing and color transitions are usually illegible with small woven tagging.

Woven custom clothing labels are manufactured based on your specification for the artwork. A loom weaves your artwork or graphic as part of the fabric. The labels are then cut and/or folded. These labels are professionally finished and ready to sew.


  • Long lasting through repeated use, including washings and dryer use.


  • Artwork/graphics limitations: All artwork, logos, and lettering have to be a clear, smoothed edged presentation.

Not sure where to start?

When you say the right things, the right things happen.

At Roxwell Waterhouse, that’s exactly what we do for you. We help you make the right impression with impeccably designed custom clothing labels that do more than just spell out your brand’s name.

We are craftsmen at heart and we’re very serious about our textile arts. We provide premium textile branding solutions that go above and beyond the traditional. As a full-service shop, our expertise encompass the range of services for label design and production, whether it’s for clothing, furniture, rugs or any type of product that use textile labels.

More resources you will find helpful

Ordering your first pair of custom apparel or cloth tags is one of the most very technical steps of the entire sewn product production process. Let’s go over the various options for label folding, as this can make a huge difference in final costs.

The are several exotic and complicated folding styles like the Manhattan or miter folds, but these designs are more expensive and utilized by designers and crafters only a small proportion of the time.


If you’re planning to sew all four sides or two endings so that the label is firmly affixed, then this is an ideal label for your project. The clothes label is sewn directly and snugly to the product with no hanging or loose ends.

-It does not tear off
-It’s often cheaper than folded
-It doesn’t need to be sewn into the seam.

This type of labels has both cut ends stitched into the fabric seam, so the tag hangs down. This increases surfaces area, so it is possible to include additional information like care instructions or content on the backside.

These type of clothing tags can be ripped off or damaged.


This type of label is made like a straight cut, but there’s a small quantity of extra sewing space on the left and right edges.
These sew spaces are then folded, and the stitching occurs under these folds. This style allows for a great look without seams exposed to the exterior and is considered a highly finished look. However, unlike the straight cut, it isn’t as tightly seated and may be ripped or damaged more easily.

Allows for a classy completed looked

Sewn tags can be easily snagged and torn

These explanations of folding styles can allow you to figure out the best way to design your fabric tags. Remember to get started on your labels early in the production process as this will save you a great deal of stress and money in the long run!

Explore Our Custom Many Fabric Label, Tag and Patch Options

We proudly provide the best woven labels in the Industry! Woven labels are ideal for clothing and apparel, fashion accessories, or for heavily used items such as sporting goods and protective tarps. Heat and fade resistant.  

Custom Printed Satin Labels

Printed Satin labels are an economical alternative to woven labels. Use when the ultimate softness is needed with garments and sewn items that will be delicately laundered. Many colors to chose from! 

Printed Cotton Fabric Eco-Labels are perfect for the hardcore “Bohemian” designer who aims to project an environmentally friendly or earthy image to products and designer labels.


Taffeta labels are woven with an older technology that imparts a “vintage” classical style at an economical price. These labels are durable, heat and stain resistant. These labels make a great alternative to satin fabric labels when durability is needed. 

custom woven labels patches

Our Woven Patches are the best in the industry! These “woven billboards” serve as a strong external branding influence when places on the outsie of jackets, backpacks, fashion jeans, and more!

hang tags

Best custom hang tag in the industry! Choose different thickness, colors, customs shapes, grommets, and ribbons/strings. A must have for any elite clothing line or premium sewn product.  

Sparkle threads can be added to almost and patch or woven label when an extra brilliant “punch” is need to make a fashion logo stand out. Multiple colors are available for just about any design or text. Ask us about adding Lurex to your fabric branding order. 

We have the best supply of leather patches, labels, and tags in the industry. Whether you need authentic or eco friendly simulated, printed or embossed, we can do leather labels and patches in just about any shape or size.

custom woven label

Are you a quilter, knitter, crocheter or an all around  sewn product craft enthusiast needing an elegant touch? Send us your text and logo and we will make the most elegant crafting woven labels in the industry to showcase your handcrafted goods and clothing. 

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Rest assured with the best custom quality woven label supplier in the industry

The perfect woven label is one that captures the essence of the brand. Our consultants and design professionals collaborate with your team to develop a label that’s totally, inimitably you. Whether you make rugs or wedding dresses, we help you create your brand with expert inputs on color, design, motif and theme. Create a distinctive brand for your fabric product, whether it be clothing, accessories, home products, sporting goods, or industrial items.

Once you’re happy with the design, we send you a sample label so you know whether it’s perfect for you. From design to delivery, we have the expertise to create an impeccable marketing asset that showcases your product in all its glory.

Contact us to discuss and brainstorm your project today!