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We establish deep and enduring professional relationships that span over many years. You may contact us at any time to brainstorm and crystallize your project.

With international clients represented from every industrial sector, our quality, service, and prices are unequaled. We take great satisfaction with watching out clients grow and thrive over time. We offer a wide variety of fabric labels that are suitable for every professional application. We have painstakingly assembled a team of the most professional and talented suppliers and engineers in the industry.

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About Mary Wingo, founder

Mary Wingo

As a designer, I saw a lot, and heard much more from other designers about the apparel labels we received – unraveling, off-color, not like the drawing, flimsy. My clients, I have found, just want peace of mind at a fair price.No, we didn’t have problems all the time, but, in my opinion, never is what we expect and what we pay for.Then there were the surprises – additional charges, late deliveries, complaints from the factory about tearing, etc. There were enough things to worry about in getting my things to market – I didn’t need one more. There are so many selling in this market who think the label business is as simple as creating a web site, scanning a design, and rolling the fabric loom presses on the other side of the world. Think again. Label production is the most engineered sector of the textiles industry. You are going to want somebody who is smart and with follow through.

Having been a scientist and medical device creator before I got into the fabric tag and fabric label business, I know what it takes to get a product out the door.

I know how you, as a producer feel. You just want to turn this part of your production over to someone you can trust.

Supplier worries over accuracy, quality and delivery are something I didn’t need. And my suppliers knew it. I expected quality, accuracy and punctuality at a competitive price. Now, I deliver to my customers what I expect of my suppliers.

As a designer, I know the importance of a label in supporting your image and assuring that the product carries a quality “calling card.” I thought it was time to get back to basics and quit wasting time with less than quality suppliers. I wanted to make sure the labels were appropriate for the design, sturdy enough to last, priced to maintain margins, and manufactured by a reliable source.

My staff and I had all the qualifications to consult and design apparel labels and fabric tags. Now we needed a manufacturing source we could rely upon.

With the help of others, I did an extensive search for reliable sources who can communicate well, manufacture to exacting specifications, maintain consistent quality, deliver on time, and be ultra competitive with those who offer bargains and produce problems. We found them. We use them, and we have created a relationship with them that we are sharing with others.

That’s how we got into the fabric tags business. Now, how we stay in the business is simple we take the worries out of our part of the production process – the labels. We provide professional assistance in label selection and design, keep close communications with the manufacturer and customer, require quality materials and workmanship, maintain strict oversight of the production schedule, and assure that pricing is the best in the industry.

Let me know if I can help you with anything…

Love, Mary :)))