The woven fabric structures that are commonly used in the manufacturing of apparel labels are satin, damask, and taffeta.

Three grades of woven tags

Satin woven labels are have a style and sheen that is unique to this weave. It is an older type of woven technology so the resolution is very low—much like taffeta.

Also, factory colors may be limited—contact us to find out if you design and colors are possible– Color Chart reference.

Custom labels for clothing made using taffeta are stiffer than those of satin, are more durable, and are compose of threads for which where is a wide variety of colors. However, taffeta labels are somewhat scratchier than satin or damask and have low design and text resolution. You will want to be careful if you have an intricate design and a lot of small text.

Damask weave is an ideal structure for making labels. High definition, high density damask are the highest quality fabric with the tightest weave.

These type of labels are soft even after hot cutting and do not cause any irritation to the client, and edges can be made softer through ultrasonic cutting. The resolution of a midgrade and high definition damask is the highest the woven satin and the taffeta.

So to recap, use taffeta if you have a larger than 2000 piece order, simple graphics, and you would like to realize substantial savings.

Go with damask if you have detailed artwork, and if an illustrious, upscale finish is crucial to your project.

If you are still not sure, just contact us or call us at 682-227-0100 and we will revue your artwork and project applications and provide you with the most cost effective solution.