First, think about your application. Do you need a miniature billboard for the outside of your product? Patches are similar to custom woven labels, sometimes square or rectangular, or perhaps a unique shape, like a circle or a star, that is usually meant to be affixed in an obvious place outside of the garment or product. Patches are stiff, and can handle large amounts of wear and friction.

Patches are permanent fixtures to garments—they are usually attached to the outside of the fabric and not intended to be cut off or removed easily like regular sewing labels can.

For instance, think of high school band jacket with the various patches sewn on the arm or the lapel. Oftentimes, patches are larger than clothing labels or other types of product tags. These type of fabric branding options, as mentioned above are “billboards”.

Woven labels, on the other hand, are often, but not always, placed on the inside of the garment or product. Think of tags sewn into the neck of collars or the waistband of pants. However, this is not always the case—many labels, especially custom woven labels, are placed on the product’s external surface as well. In most cases, this will be woven tags, and not printed cotton or satin ones, because of durability issues.

Also, if you need care or content information, it is best to get a regular clothing label, especially a midfold, as woven patches are best used for logo only.

Custom woven patches in general may be circular, square, or laser cut into any specific shape requested. Oftentimes, they are conspicuous and contain emblems, logos, and written information.

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