Before you make your fabric label order, take a quick assessment of how you would like to affix them to your product.

By far, the majority of clients sew their tags onto the fabric of their garment or item. Sewing is by far the most durable method to make sure your label stays attached during handling or laundering. There are three major ways to sew labels onto surfaces:

1. All four sides, or the total perimeter (most durable)—this is for the straight cut labels or patches

2. Two sides, usually left and right—this is for the straight cut and the end folds

3. The top, which is tucked into a seam, allowing the tag to hang. This is ideal for the midfold cloth labels (wither woven or printed)

If you do not have access to a sewing machine, the next best option are heat press or iron on labels, which are usually woven. These labels are identical to the straight cut sew ins, but they have a layer of solid adhesive applied to the backside. As with any iron on item, when heat of about 200F is applied to the front side (with a protective cloth or paper shield between the label and the iron), the adhesive liquefies and melt and permeates to the fabric underneath.

When they cool, these cloth labels become “welded” to the garment. This is a very strong industrial adhesive, so the only way to really get it off is to either cut it off, or apply so much force that it damages both the label and the fabric surface. This is a good non sew option.

The third option is peel and stick apparel tags. Again, these labels are identical to that of the iron on labels, except that the adhesive is an industrial grade sticky backing. There are by far the easiest to attach of the three options, you simply peel the label off the paper backing and stick it to your surface

This option is great for items that will not be laundered or have direct friction, like the inside of a purse, belt, or camping tent. This option is not appropriate for items that will have a lot of direct use, like neck colors on shirts, or hand towels. The adhesive, though very strong, will start to degrade around the corners and peel off over time.

So with these three options, you have choices for selecting the most durable method of affixing your tag to your product.

If you have any questions about these options, you may contact us call us at 682-227-0100 and we will help you clarify any technical issues so that you will have the most professional presentation possible.

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